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Seating Policy & Turn Times:

To ensure an enjoyable time for all guests, we implement table turn times. The duration of your reservation will depend on your party size, allowing adequate time for subsequent reservations. For parties of 1-4, the allotted turn time is 2 hours, with an extension for larger groups.

If there is no reservation immediately following yours, you are welcome to prolong your stay. If you wish to extend beyond the designated turn time, we will endeavor to accommodate you by arranging a section without an incoming reservation. During select occasions, we host ticketed events at Baxter's. During these events, your reservation is valid for the duration of the show or event. If there are no subsequent or preceding showings, feel free to enjoy an extended stay. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please note that our venue serves as a music destination, with various bookings throughout the year. Certain dates may be reserved for special pre-paid reservations or ticketed events. If your reservation falls on a date when a concert is scheduled, we will notify you promptly to discuss any necessary adjustments. Additionally, door charges may apply depending on the musician and will be added to your final bill.


Large Parties of 6 or More:

If you would like to book the 7 top table on the platform please email [email protected] for the inquiry. Also if you are looking to book multiple reservations or reserve space for parties of 12 or more, please also email [email protected]


Weekend Room Reservation Fee:

Due to Fridays and Saturdays being our busiest and most in demand nights, there is a $100 booking fee for the Tiki/Hidden and Blue Private Rooms on Fridays and Saturdays. Likewise a $50 fee for the Green Room. This is strictly a booking fee for the 2 hour use of the room and is not a deposit toward your bill or refundable. Blue room and Tiki/Hidden room each seat 10ppl while the Green room seats 5ppl. Due to fire and egress codes, we require your party to remain in the rooms and not crowd the hallways. We also have set limits for the capacity of each rooms: Blue Room and Tiki Rooms are intended for 10ppl or less. The Green Room is intended for 5ppl or less. Due to Fire and Building Codes, other fees could incur if the room capacity is abused. If you would like to book a bigger party than what the room allows, please email [email protected] for booking.


Thinking of bringing children to Baxter's 1892?

Baxter's 1892, where we provide a refined dining experience in a sophisticated atmosphere. While all guests are welcome, please note that our establishment caters primarily to adults, and we do not provide amenities such as juice cups or high chairs for children. We kindly ask guests to use discretion when considering bringing children, as our content and atmosphere may not always be suitable for minors, particularly during later evening hours. Thank you for understanding and choosing Baxter's 1892 for your dining experience.


Outside Dessert Fee Policy:

We recognize the importance of celebrating special occasions with personalized, outside desserts. While we offer an array of desserts for purchase, we also allow customers to bring in their own birthday cakes for events hosted at our venue. To accommodate outside desserts, we've established an Outside Dessert Fee Policy. The fee is $5 per person in the party, with a minimum fee of $40. This fee helps offset potential revenue loss from customers who opt not to purchase desserts from our menu. Please note, customers are responsible for storing and handling their outside desserts, as our kitchen storage space is limited. Additionally, if slicing is required, our staff can assist, as outside knives are not permitted due to liability reasons. We appreciate your cooperation with our policy. For further inquiries or to arrange an outside dessert for your event, please email [email protected]


Corkage Fee:

You are welcome to bring outside wines to enjoy at Baxter's 1892, however a $40 will be applied to every bottle that is opened while on premises.